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Awnings & Canopies also known as Dutch blinds are usually associated with shop fronts but have become increasingly popular as a domestic application which can enhance the look of any exterior part of your home. They give protection from the sun and can act as a shaded area for gardens and patios.

Awnings consist of a sheet of fabric which rolls off of a geared helical metal tube in very much the same way as a roller blind, the roller and fabric are normally housed within a cassette or box, with folding arms that extend and retract the blind. They can be operated manually by a pole or by or an electric motor.

Dutch Canopies are one of the most popular external blinds and be made as either retractable or non retractable. They are formed in a quarter circle shape which is formed around a frame consisting of four or five legs depending on the projection and like awnings can be operated both manually or by electric motor.

Awnings & Canopies are fixed to the exterior on metal mounting plates bolted to the wall. The blind coverings are normally made from woven acrylic fibres incorporating a dirt repellent or reinforced PVC.