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Wood Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds consist of horizontal slats that overlap when in the closed position. They are generally made from aluminium or wood. The slats are suspended from an aluminium head rail and supported by either ladder braids or tapes.

Venetian blinds operate in an up or down direction with the lift being controlled by cords and the tilt controlled by a wand or cords with various other means of control also available.

The tilt control allows the slats to be open or fully closed and any other position in between which means greater control of the amount of light and privacy you wish to achieve.

Aluminium Slats are available in 15mm or 16mm (micro blind) 25mm, 35mm & 50mm widths. Wood slats can be made in 25mm 35mm and 50mm widths.

Venetian blinds are especially good for bay window applications as blinds can be fitted butted up together to reduce the gaps that you may get with other blinds such as Roller blinds when fitting side by side.