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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Louvre Blinds are composed of two parts, an aluminium head rail with rotatable carriers or gliders and the Louvre's which are vertical strips of fabric (louvers can also be made in wood, plastic or aluminium),that are hooked onto the carriers.

Louvre blinds travel across the window, from left to right or right to left or can be operated to open and close just like a pair of curtains.

The louvers can be rotated 180 degrees, each louver overlaps the other when in the fully tilted closed position stopping light coming in and offering privacy from the outside.

The blinds are operated by a cord which when pulled enable the fabric to move backward and forward and a cord chain which is used to operate the tilt control, like most blinds there are other control options available manually or by electrical remote control.

Although Louvre blinds are often looked on as more of an office window covering they can give a fresh aesthetic look in most domestic applications.

The benefits of using louvre blinds as a window covering are their versatility in regulating the amount of light entering the room and in controlling the level of privacy from the outside.